Roadmap to Success

Agency staff members typically follow one of two paths. The first is to help build and support the business of the agency where you are employed. The second is to gain the skills and experience to help you launch your own successful Allstate agency in the future.

Allstate can help support either path by providing all the tools and training you need to find success. We offer skill-based training class, including the art of selling, policy education, and how to sell financial services in specific. We also offer the opportunity to get licensed as an insurance agent. Regardless of the path you choose, your future begins with Allstate.

Most of the staff at Kara Hucke’s agency have been here for over ten years, being an LSP is an opportunity to make a long career out of helping people and have a great time doing it.
Kelli Mahoney
Kara Hucke Agency
Allstate’s process for introducing new LSPs to the business is much friendlier than any company I’ve worked with previously. Allstate gives you the resources to be hands on very quickly and you feel supported from the start.
Penny Corby
Tammy Quintrell-Stubbs Agency
I get to work with and help different people every day and there’s always more to learn. I can’t imagine doing anything else—I truly love what I do and plan to make this a lifelong career.
Dylan Price
Gene Lofaro Agency



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Learn More & Apply Allstate agents are independent contractors representing Allstate and are not Allstate Insurance Company employees. As an agency staff member, you will be an employee of the agency and will not be an employee of Allstate Insurance Company or its affiliates.